Gamers Deed is a Community where you can enjoy the moments of your gaming activities with your Friends. Currently we are concentrating on PUBG the most popular games in recent days. We know it's problem if someone play whole day with it. So We set a scheduled time so that fun will at its own place/

- About Us

We are a team of PUBG lovers who encourage all the PUBG LOVERS to play. Everyday we schedule number of PUBG matches in GAMERS DEED APP. Join in SOLO, DUET or in SQUAD and earn money on every moments.

Match Categories


You can join match individually. And start earning prize. We scheduled maximum solo matches so players can play his/her own wish. DOWNLOAD ->GAMERS DEED APP


You have a frined who is always with you then why not on PUBG play time. So go in the fight together and earn money. If needs heal him/her so that you can get a Chicken Dinner and finally a Prize money in Gamers Deed. Download ->> GAMERS DEED APP


Play in a team. Invite your freinds to join. You can pay for him/her or else But participating with known people is better. If it were a Chicken Dinner, with known Squad and finally with Prize money and go for a Real Chicken Dinner at a Restauant. Download ->>>>GAMERS DEED APP


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Download & Register with PUBG Nick Name and start play in our room. You will enjoy a good earning on playing your favourite game PUBG